flood recovery plan

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Action plan for sunday 24th

Update for Sunday!

The road outside the gym has now been cleaned.

We still need parents to help tomorrow to sort out the car park at the side of the gym. Brushes, shovels and wheelbarrows are needed, so if any muscle power is available it would be greatly appreciated. The gym will be open from 10am.

The urgency to do this is due to the new equipment being delivered to the gym next week, and we would prefer everywhere outside to be clean so dirt and grime is not walked through the gym.

car park closed this afternoon


We are getting the road outside of the building cleaned TODAY at 2pm. Please do not park around the building and please use the bowl carpark. If you leave your car by the gym, it WILL get dirty!


Calling all parents, friends and family!!!

We are hoping to start some training at our gym next week! Yes that's right, training is to start back at the gym next week!!

However, before this can happen we need as many people as possible in the gym tomorrow, please please please can people come to the gym from 11am tomorrow, to help set up the gym. You don't have to stay all day just 1 hour would be a great help.

Please bring your friends and family along as well the more hands that help, the quicker the jobs are done 😀😀

Thank you x

Action Plans for Friday and Saturday:

Help is required to finish laying the floor tiles.

Also equipment needs to be moved from the balcony down to the gym hall, but all equipment needs cleaning first. Please if possible can people help to do this on Friday evening from 4.30pm.

Whatever hasn't been completed in Friday can be finished off in Saturday.

Also, if anyone knows of a joiner/handyman to make some shelves please get in touch so we can start putting things in their homes in the store cupboard.

Many thanks to everyone. 😀😀

Help Requests update...

Update on help required for Thursday 14th January
1. Man with a van ✅ done
2. Blue gym mats ✅ in Progress
3. Need parents to help bring mats down from the balcony (will need a wipe over).
4. Carpet layers again to finish off the gym area - just helping hands.

The gym will be open from 4pm. Please pop along for an hour and lend a hand or two.

Many thanks EVGC

Help Requests...

1. A man or woman with a large van required for Friday evening to transport gym equipment from Ashley Hill School back to Ellan Vannin Gym.

2. As the carpet tiles are being put down, we need to cover the "floor" area (where the gym floor will be eventually). In order to do this, we need to appeal to any schools or business that have "blue gym mats" they no longer require. If anyone has any contacts with schools or similar please could you let me know (the mats are the same as the children use at Ashley Hill).

We know we are always asking for people to help, but we are so grateful for everything that everyone has done.



Thank you everyone who came to help last night. The gym is really starting to come together.

The area around the pit and bars needs to be finished tonight so we can erect the Abars tomorrow, if anyone can spare sometime to pop along to the gym tonight and help finish laying the carpet tiles that would be great, again professional help will be there we just need 'hands to help'.

Many thanks EVGC


Hi everyone, just a quick reminder about tomorrow evening.

All carpet tiles have been delivered to the gym this afternoon, help is required, as many hands as possible, to help lay the floor tiles.

The gym will be open from 4.30 if anyone can pop along and spare some of the time it would be greatly appreciated.

Look forward to seeing you


The gym is dry and the back rooms are all drying really well. It's amazing the progress we have all made in a short period of time.

Magic carpets are finishing off the changing rooms this week and the gym hall will have carpet tiles down on Tuesday evening and the A Bars erected.

After this it will be waiting for the gym equipment to be delivered and installed by gym nova.

There will be other jobs to do i.e. Moving gym equip back into the hall so again hands and muscles will be wanted.

Thank You everyone who is part of getting our gym back normal!

progress update

The gym preparation is coming along really well, the next steps...

We require help from parents tomorrow afternoon from 2.30pm to help prepare the gym hall ready for next week.

Next Tuesday - lots of help is required next Tuesday evening to put down the floor tiles, don't worry will have professional help, we just need "hands" to help! Also during the evening we will be putting up the A bars, so again "hands" and "muscles" are required.

Looks like things are moving forward for our gym!!!!

Thank you everyone !


Thank you all who turned up to help and paint on Sunday!

This week is about finishing the gym area and moving equipment into the store cupboard ready for the floor tiles to be fitted, these need to be fitted BEFORE the equipment is brought into the gym. Therefore, we need to have the following done:
1. Finish painting the main gym area, store cupboard and office area.
2. Paint 1st aid room and coaches room.
3. Move cabinets from the store cupboard into coaches room once painted.
4. Paint steel posts in gym.

After this we still have a long list of tasks that need to be done, but we are making great progress.

Anyone who is able to help with any of the above, please could you let us know. We will open the gym each evening from 4.30pm until 8.30pm each evening.

Everyone's helps is appreciated.


Rainy, wet Sunday afternoon, bored and need something to do?? Pop along to the gym and grab a paint brush, the gym will be open from 2pm.


Reminder Painting help required tomorrow afternoon from 2pm if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated - Thank You

Progress on the painting Party...

Well done everyone who help in the gym today, another productive day. As you will see from the photos posted earlier, the eager painters didn't take long to get stuck in!

We have now nearly finished the main gym area, however the store room, coaches room, first aid room and back fire exit all still need a lick of paint. If anyone is free to lend a hand on Sunday and burn of some of those Christmas calories, the gym will be open from 2pm until 5pm.

We know we keep asking for help, but the quicker we get everything sorted the quicker we can get our eager little gymnasts back to doing what they enjoy.

Thank you all once again for helping our gym - Fantastic Team Spirit! Come on EVGC!!

New Year's Day Dip

Some of our gymnasts, coaches and parents have said that they will be brave on New Years Day and dip their toes in sea in Douglas!!!

If anyone would like to join them and help raise money for the gym please come along and support our club. All money raised will be put towards equipment that has been lost in the flood.

If you don't fancy a paddle, come along and watch, we are sure it will be fun to see!

The details are:
Time: 12.30
Place : Palace/Hilton

Look forward to seeing you there and wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year!

Painting plans!

All hands, paint brushes and rollers are required for Wednesday from 10.30am at the gym.

Please please please can we drum up as much help as possible to get the gym area painted, even if people can only spare 1 hour any help is greatly appreciated.

Please bear in mind the gym is not safe for young children at this time.

See you all Wednesday!

Progress Update...

Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas!!

The gym area is being cleaned tomorrow so we should all be set for the painting party on Wednesday. We will post a further update tomorrow.

All hands and paint brushes need on Wednesday 30th December from 10.30am, many hands make light work.....

Progress Update...

Unfortunately, we still need to get the gym area cleaned before painting on 30th, we will update shortly regrading this.

Also, a massive Thank You to Magic Carpets for getting the Entrance Hall and first waiting area covered in our new flooring. This is fantastic as its so close to Christmas. The second waiting area will be completed in January.

Progress Update...

The entrance hall, holding areas and changing rooms have now all been painted, thank you everyone and to FC Moore painters.

The Taekwondo Room has had the new flooring put down. Thank you Osborn's for doing a fantastic job.

Going forward...

The gym needs to be cleaned and sprayed before we start to tackle the painting. We are thinking one day between Christmas and New Year where all members could get together in the gym for a Painting Party. Further details will follow regarding day and times.

Finally, Thank You Everyone !!!!


£2000 from Permanent Bank has been received today!!!! This is fantastic and everyone from Ellan Vannin Gymnastic Club would like to say a Massive THANK YOU!!!

With this donation we are going to create a new sensory corner in the gym and equip it with equipment that will benefit our Additional Needs Gymnasts, our Pre School Gymnasts, and our Reception Class Gymnasts.

With this in mind a 'wish list' of equipment has been drafted that will benefit all of our gymnasts and will help turn our gym into a premier training facility for all ages and abilities and allow the Gym to become a Premier International Competition Venue.

If anyone would like full details of the wish list or would maybe like to sponsor a piece of equipment please contact us.

Thursday 17th December

Another week has passed and more progress has been made. Thank you so much to all Parents, Friends and Families that have given up their time to help us paint the gym, we couldn't have done this without you.

A special thank you to F C Moore Painters and Decorators who have kindly given two men to help with the painting and also to Gerry Maginn for providing the paint.

We have come so far is in short a space of time and this is thanks to all our volunteers !

Wednesday 16th December

Thank you to everyone that helped last night to paint, we are doing great!!

Sorry to keep asking but we still need lots of help to paint our gym, the more people that help the better, friends and family are more than welcome to come along and lend a hand.

If you don't fancy painting there are other jobs that need to be done before the weekend all details are in the action plan inside the gym.

We know everyone has been fantastic helping so far but there is still lots to do, the more help we get, the quicker the gym will be back up and running / flipping / jumping / tumbling again ! Thank You

Tuesday 15th

Painting the Entrance hall and both holding areas is to continue tonight, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Once these areas are painted the new flooring will be put down on Monday/Tuesday.

The gym is open today from 4pm and will close just after 8pm.

Starting to see the light...

Action Plan Monday 14th

Paint, Paint and More Paint...

We have kindly received a donation of Paint from Gerry Maginn Painters and Decorators - A MASSIVE THANK YOU!!!

Another donation of blue paint, rollers, trays and paint brushes has also been received.

If anyone is able to help paint the gym, this week it would be greatly appreciated, the gym will be open from 4.30 until 8.30 each night.

The Painting Plan is on the flip chart in the gym.

Nearly painting time

Paint for the gym is being organized, once this has been delivered to the gym we will let you know and helpers, with paint brushes, can pop to the gym for a bit of painting.

Also we need some rust inhibiting paint, if anyone has some or a company would like to donate some to the gym, that would be great.

Thank you!

Good News!

While all has been going on with the gym, one of our coaches, Emma, our pre school, disability and pre development coach has been away doing exams, we are pleased to let you know she has passed with flying colours!!!!!

Also, we have had a large donation from a bank which is allowing us to replace all our soft play for our pre school and disability children - this is amazing!!!! Thank you so much.

action plan thursday 10th December

Good Morning!

The Gym is nearly clear, can't believe it's only been 1 week!

Tonight the final mats etc just need to be loaded into the last of the skips along with the remaining furniture that is water damaged. If anyone is able to help the gym will be open from 4.30.

What happens next....

The gym area will be deep cleaned on Monday and then the painting can start in the entrance, holding area, Taekewado room and changing rooms before the new flooring is fitted.

Head Coach Statement

So much achieved by so many in such a short time and so many thanks are needed to so many volunteers.

So glad to hear today that we had the correct insurance in place. I may sleep tonight! However it is not just all the mega expensive equipment, all of the safety matting, the complete pit refurbishment and the new foam (again), but irreplaceable things like the bespoke training aids thought up and made by the coaches and parents, the pre school Christmas hamper, the raffle prizes, the carnival costumes, props and scenery, the display costumes etc these are the things in the skips now.

Please all be assured that the Club is a registered Manx Charity and non profit making organisation and that any donations to help us back on our feet again will be used for new equipment and for the benefit of the gymnasts.

Many thanks everyone, see you all again tomorrow. Helen Duggan

EVGC Xmas Show

The show will go ahead, although it will now be called the Grand Opening Show!

We have rescued the outfits and we are going to try and save as many as we can. Practicing for the show will continue once we know more about the training venues, we will you posted on FB and the website.


Don't panic this is still going ahead too!

Again, we will keep you updated about the details when they are available.

The tunnel doesn't seem that long now and we think we are starting to see a little bit of light at the end!!! Thanks to all the volunteers who have helped to move the gym forward, we couldn't do this without you. Thank you!!!

Action plan for Wednesday 9th

Muscle power again required.

We need to remove the safety mats into the skip and the clear the remaining items from around the gym ready for the clean down and drying time.

Everyone has achieved some much in less than a week. There is no way we could do this without the help of our volunteers and for this we thank you!

Gym open from 4.30 pm

training information

Due to our situation we are currently in the process of organising an alternative training venue for all gymnasts starting from Monday 14th December, further details regarding this will follow.

club statement

Whilst the club has the correct insurance in place, fund raising is being done for all the hidden and additional costs such, hiring an alternative training venue.

Action Plan Tuesday 8th December

Strong Muscles Required!

We expect to be able to remove the floor tomorrow evening and we require strong people to assist in removing the plyboard from the floor. Cordless screwdrivers/drills and hammers are also required. Once the floor has been removed from the gym we can move the safety mats out as well.

There are also small jobs to be completed and these are on the flip chart in the gym.

Many thanks again to everyone who is supporting and helping our gym through this tough time.

Action Plan Monday 7th December

Urgent help is required tomorrow morning at 8.30am to unload the cattle wagon of foam. Strong Men if possible! Please meet at Tel's Skips, Sungborough, if anyone is able to help, please text Helen tonight, 421358, to confirm. Tomorrow the gym will be open from 4pm until 8.30pm if anyone is able to pop down and lend a hand. There is an action plan up on flip chart in the gym detailing what needs to be done tomorrow in order to keep things on track. Please, please wear old clothes and wellies, at present the gym is not safe for young children. Many hands make light work!

Items Required if possible - dehumidifiers, jet wash (small), face masks.

Many thanks again to everyone who has already been helping.

Flood Recovery Plan

Recent flooding on the Island, has destroyed all the equipment and large part of the premises at the Club leading to temporary closure of the facility. We are grateful to all the community who have come together to begin the clean up process but funds are desperately needed to cover extended costs in order to get the gym back up and running. Your support is needed and would be greatly appreciated to help get the facility back up and running and our children back into the sport as soon as possible.

Any donations will be gratefully received and can be made online on our fundraising site.

You can find photographs, updates on repair schedules and gym opening times on our Recovery Plan Facebook page.

A massive thank you to all our clean up volunteers and to those who have already donated.